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» Шичко Г А

S h ic h k o G. A. The second signal system and its physiologic mechanism(The second signal system and reflex activity), 1969
04.06.2019, 07:02

S h ic h k o G. A. The second signal system and its physiologic mechanism(The second signal system and reflex activity), 1969.

The book deals with the problem of the verbal suggestion influence on the cortical unconditioned reflex representation (CRR).The first chapter is theoretic and is devoted to criticism of psychospecifism, demonstrates the importance of materialistic monism for a proper study of the speach system; the I. P. Pavlov conception of the system, etc. is being con­sidered.The second chapter is methodical. It represents classification and descrip' tion of the principal methods, procedures and techniques of investigation of the second signal system and its interaction with the first one.In the third chapter an attempt is made to understand neuro-functional structure of the cortical unconditioned reflex representation and the uncondi­tioned and conditioned reflex activity mechanism,The fourth and fifth chapters contain the experimental data, obtained in the study of different effects produced on the cortical unconditioned reflex re­presentation by verbal suggestion. It is demonstrated that by affecting the se­cond signal system, it is possible to exert marked influence on the course of conditioned reflexes of the first and high orders, to produce alteration of the stimulus signalling order, to provoke extinction of conditioned reflexes, etc. The problem of voluntary and unvoluntary reactions is approached, facts of subordination of the salivary gland action to a volution control are described and analysed, and the possibility of working out the conditioned reflex, using in confirmation voluntarily provoked salivating reaction, is demonstrated.The sixth chapter is devoted to such theoretic problems as suggestibility, suggestion and hypnosis. The possibility is demonstrated of working out ob­jective methods of determining suggestibility with its precise quantitative in­dication, The results of comparative estimation of some suggestion versions are presented, and the dependence of suggestion efficiency upon the notion cal­led forth in the examinee is stated. A new and very simple method is described, in which the hypnotic state is provoked by means of instruction.Much attention is paid to investigation of the physiologic influence mecha­nism affecting the reflex activity through the second signal system.The monograph will be of value to physiologists, psychologists, psychiat­rists, pedagogues, philosophers and experts in other domains of knowledge- concerned with cerebration.The volume includes 48 illustrations, 17 tables and references.


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