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The National Alcohol Strategy 2006-2009. Towards Safer Drinking Cultures
05.05.2010, 22:40

The Strategy is a plan for action developed through collaboration between Australian governments, non-government and industry partners and the broader community. It outlines priority areas for coordinated action to develop drinking cultures that support a reduction in alcohol-related harm in Australia. The Strategy seeks to reflect the National Drug Strategy: Australia’s integrated framework 2004–2009 and build on the previous alcohol strategy. It also supports the key result areas of the National Drug Strategy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Complementary Action Plan 2003–2006, which was endorsed by the MCDS in August 2003.

The Strategy is based on extensive consultations with over one thousand key stakeholders around Australia and a review of the most recent research literature and other data relating to trends in alcohol consumption and harm in Australia. The inclusion of liquor licensing authorities, police and local government in the consultation process represents an effort to integrate with other key groups including the health sector and the alcohol beverage and hospitality industry.
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