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Educating and providing support for education on alcohol related problems.
05.05.2010, 23:07
Educating and providing support for education on alcohol related problems

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The State Agency for Prevention of Alcohol Related Problems, PARPA, is pursuing various actions which sum up into a modern model of public education on prevention and solving alcohol related problems. The actions are aimed at changing the attitude of the media and of the society as a whole towards the alcohol related problems, including their way of discussing and describing these problems. The message which is broadly addressed to the public opinion is connected with many angles of viewing the alcohol related problems: the healthcare perspective, including public healthcare, as well as social, educational and economic perspectives. The Agency is bound to pursue its informational and educational mission by the Act on Upbringing in Sobriety and Counteracting Alcoholism (Art.3 p.3) and the provisions of the National Programme of Prevention and Resolving Alcohol Related Problems (currently for years 2000-2005)
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